The Libby Slater Award

The Libby Slater Award is in the memory of Libby Slater, a leading Australian pension or “super” lawyer who died when she was much too young, before her 40th birthday.  The Libby Slater Award includes a complimentary invitation to attend the IPEBLA conference to which the award relates as well as associated travel costs.To read more about Libby Slater click HERE.

If you believe there is someone who has made or is making an outstanding contribution to pensions law in your country and who might not otherwise attend the next IPEBLA conference, please let a member of the Steering Committee know.

If you believe there is a individual who meets the following criteria, please complete this nomination form and email your submission to

Relevant Criteria

The person:

  • Has made, or is making an outstanding contribution to pensions and/or benefits law in your country; and
  • May not otherwise be able to attend the Lisbon Conference.

The 2019 Libby Slater Award: 
The recipient of the 2019 Libby Slater Award was Henriette de Lange. Henriette has a distinguished career in the Dutch pensions industry – as a pension lawyer, working in the pensions communications industry, as a member of a pension board and in her current role as an independent pensions Ombudsman for the pension fund industry in the Netherlands. She is also a long standing member of IPEBLA who has contributed to the success of the organization.

The 2017 Libby Slater Award: The recipient of the 2017 Libby Slater Award was Sanya Goffe, a partner in the law firm Hart Muirhead Fatta in Jamaica. Sanya is a leading voice in stakeholder and public meetings advocating for necessary amendments and adding her voice to the conversation in respect of pension reform in Jamaica and has consistently been an active and passionate champion of the continued development and improvement of the legal and regulatory framework of pensions in Jamaica.

The 2015 Libby Slater Award: 
The recipient of the 2015 Libby Slater Award was Paul Owens, Deputy Superintendent of Pensions in the Province of Alberta, Canada. 

The 2013 Libby Slater Award: 
The recipient of the 2013 Libby Slater Award was Grace Zulu, Trust / Board Secretary from Mukuba Pension Trust Registered Trustees in Zambia.

The 2011 Libby Slater Award: 
The recipient of the 2011 Libby Slater Award was Jeremy Cooper of Australia. Jeremy chaired the Australian Federal Government Review into the "Governance, Efficiency, Structure and Operation of Australia's Superannuation System" (for the Final Report released on 31 June 2010 see Jeremy is now Chairman, Retirement Incomes at Challenger.

The 2009 Libby Slater Award: 
The recipient of the 2009 Libby Slater Award was Deborah McPhail of Canada.

The 2007 Libby Slater Award: 
The recipient of the 2007 Libby Slater Award was Jan-Mikael Bexhed of Sweden. Jan-Mikael is the architect behind a number of leading cases before the European Court of Justice including: Safir (The Premium Tax Case), C-118/96, Skandia (The Five Percent Case), C-241/97 and Skandia and Ramstedt (The Cross European Pension Case), C-422/01. These leading cases, which were successfully pleaded by Mr. Bexhed, have made a substantial contribution in the reduction in the barriers to cross-border pension provision within the European Union.

The 2005 Libby Slater Award:
The recipient of the 2005 Libby Slater Award for outstanding achievement in pensions law is William Bortz of the US Department of Treasury’s Office of Benefit Counsel who has been involved in every significant piece of US pension and employee benefits legislation and tax regulation over the past 15 years.  Our congratulations to Bill on this award.

The 2003 Libby Slater Award:
The recipient of the 2003 Libby Slater Award was Dr. Lisa Butler, Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the University of Tasmania (Australia). Her doctoral thesis on 'The Priority of the Trust in the Age of Superannuation' is now available in the Published Papers and Conference Papers page of the IPEBLA website.


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